"Mommy . . . you're beautiful" That was all that he said
But the love it inspired and where it all led
was so unexpected but honest and true
I knew one day soon I would share it with you.
I'm the luckiest Mommy" he'd question that never,
in the world - in all heaven, for now and for ever.

My grandfather showed me that even small things
if we give with true love will make our hearts sing.
He called me Missy, a secret we shared,
it meant he adored me, and told me he cared.
Even then I felt lucky, as now I do,
and I knew that one day my dreams would come true.

Life's filled with moments that change us forever.
The good and the bad, it's all meant to make better
this life we're creating where kindness unfolds
and returns to the giver, a joy to behold!

My joy is my light, and my light is my son,
so we'll tell all our stories, and have so much fun!
To not share this with others, well, that'd be a crime,
we hope to change lives one page at a time.